Justin Arenstein
Code for Africa
He is an award-winning investigative journalist and digital strategist currently helping Google and the Code for Africa initiative strengthen Africa’s watchdog media by working with newsrooms to implement better forensic research and evidence-based reportage. This includes helping media adopt digital tools and data journalism strategies. Justin manages the $1m Innovate Africa and $750,000 Impact Africa prototype funds, is rolling out HacksHackers chapters across Africa, and supports newsroom-based experiments with citizen reporting, mobile news, and augmented reality platforms. Justin is a former Press Councillor in South Africa, and continues to serve on several media industry bodies and think tanks. His investigative reportage has helped put a senator, two legislature speakers and a provincial cabinet minister behind bars, and contributed to the ouster of two provincial premiers and several other cabinet ministers and state officials on charges ranging from child rape to corruption.
David Eads
News Application Developer
National Public Radio
David Eads is a news developer for NPR Visuals in Washington, D.C. His work combines community organizing, data analysis, reporting, design, user experience, teaching, and online storytelling. He is a founder of the Invisible Institute, FreeGeek Chicago, and the Supreme Chi-Town Coding Crew. He has built websites and data visualizations for the Chicago Tribune, Chicago Public Radio, Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory, Qualcomm, and many more. Eads develops Tarbell, a simple website publishing tool named for the great investigative journalist Ida Tarbell.
Yolanda Ma
Yolanda Ma is the co-founder and editor of Data Journalism China, an independent website that promotes and educates on data journalism in Chinese. She has trained hundreds of professional journalists in China on data analysis and visualisation skills since 2012. She previously worked for Reuters as assistant project manager for "Connected China", which won 2013 Data Journalism Award. Before that she was the first social media editor for the South China Morning Post in Hong Kong. Currently she is based in Bangkok, working for the U.N. on innovation and communications.
Cédric Sam
South China Morning Post / HK
Currently works at the South China Morning Post in Hong Kong, sifting through data and creating interactive graphics. In 2007-09, Cedric worked at the CBC in Montreal, making tools for its website and interactive graphics for French television. In 2009, he relocated to Hong Kong and worked at the Journalism and Media Studies Centre (JMSC) at The University of Hong Kong until 2012. He was the main programmer behind the JMSC’s China social media data projects and its WeiboScope. He joined the South China Morning Post in 2013 as its first interactive data journalist. In 2015, he transferred to the art department as a graphics editor. He worked as the coder for the multimedia projects such as the award-winning Voices from Tiananmen (2014) and has been the only coder embedded in the SCMP newsroom, working on a range of other projects, front-facing and for internal use. Cedric freelanced for clients such as The New York Times, The Canadian Press, La Presse and the CBC. In 2011, he won with La Presse the Canadian Online Publishing award for best multi-platform initiative for coverage of the last Canadian general election. His favourite dev platforms/libraries of late are the Google Maps API and D3.js.
Jimmy Huang
Open Culture Foundation
Founder of g0v projects including: "fact", "timemap", and "taiwan land stat". Background in computer science yet has a deep feeling about environment and society. As a founder of social enterprise and cares more about things not profitable. One of the internet generation but still wish to bring online to offline.
Ronny Wang
Cofounder of SheetHub.com. Enjoy in collecting, scraping, releasing and using data. Founder and participant of g0v projects including "News Helper", "Job Helpers", "Taiwan Company Data", "Open Campaign Finance
Kirby Wu
Cofounder of infographics.tw, g0v.tw and foundi.info. Expert in web technology and data visualization. founded in 2014, infographics.tw focuses on providing information about data visualization in Taiwan community, including web visualization technology, data wrangling and media innovation.
Muyueh Lee
Muyueh Lee develops programming-based visualization (http://muyueh.com/). His most recent work for WHO and the China Organ Transplant Response System (COTRS) uses JavaScript to analyze 30 million pieces of medical data from 750 top-tier hospitals in China. The Vice President of the Republic of China presented Muyueh with the Best Open Data Application Award. He has received an invitation to conduct a data workshop for Google (Hong-Kong), World Bank (Singapore), and National Taiwan University (Taiwan).
Silva Shih
Award-winning reporter, experienced in data visualization, interactive storytelling and digital media strategy. Obsesses about what technology can do for journalism.

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