d|Bootcamp Taipei

Academia Sinica, Taipei, Aug 21 ~23 2015

For Journalists Who DON'T Code
( till Jul 24 )
Taipei, Taiwan
Aug 21~23, 2015
( till Jul 24 )


# d|Bootcamp Taipei is ...

Hands-on courses which give journalists the basis of data journalism by experts from all over the world.

Do you want to play with data?

In the age of open data, we need new skills to deal with the overwhelming informations. Data bootcamp Taipei focuses on providing journalists a series of crash courses which guide them to do data journalism from scratch.

With the help of professional lecturers and teaching assistants, you will learn how to do data journalism - getting and scraping data, tools to deal with data, fundamental of data visualization and the most important - actually building a project with people from different domains - join in the following 2 days g0v hackathon event to bring your idea to life!

Is Coding Skill a Requirement ?

Absolutely Not! Data Bootcamp Taipei is designed for every journalists regardless of coding skill. So don't worry, you don't have to be a coder to join this workshop.

** note: attendees must bring their own laptop and install modern browsers like Chrome or Firefox beforehand.

Global View
Speakers from World Bank, South China Morning Post, djChina and related industries in Taiwan bring you the latest update of data journalism around the world and how things are done in newsroom.
Hands-on Practice
Local domain experts will lead attendees in hands-on crash courses including report showcase, data retrieval and wrangling, data visualization, which are all focuson on how we can immediately apply these techniques in future news reports.
We introduce and encourage all participants to join the following two-day event of g0v hackathon to experience the power of combination of innovation, journalism, community and technology.

Session Speakers

Justin Arenstein
Code for Africa
David Eads
News Application Developer
National Public Radio
Yolanda Ma
Cédric Sam
South China Morning Post / HK
Jimmy Huang
Open Culture Foundation
Ronny Wang
Kirby Wu
Muyueh Lee
Silva Shih


This Taipei d|Bootcamp has been made possible through support from the following partners:

Our Mission

To boost analytical, evidence-based public discussion
by giving citizens, journalists and civil society
access to the data, digital tools, and computational skills
necessary for transforming our societies into digital democracies.

The #dBootcamp data literacy initiative is a partnership between

#dBootcamps have helped kickstart the #OpenData and #DataJournalism movement across Africa, Latin America, Eastern Europe, India, Pakistan, Nepal and Taiwan.